Merced, CA (October 15th, 2019) –The Centurion Boats pro wakesurf team is pleased to announce the addition of Caitlin and Adam Wheeler. The pair have been shredding on the pro and semi pro wakesurf circuit for several years now. We had a chance to interview the newest additions to the Centurion family as we sat down to talk history and future.

Centurion Boats: We’ll start off with an easy question, where and when did you get started wakesurfing?

Caitlin Wheeler: Adam and I got our first boat together in October 2014 and really started wakesurfing in the summer of 2015. Adam had to teach me everything about boats, how to drive a boat, tow a person, pick up a rider and how to wakesurf!

Adam Wheeler: I started wakesurfing in 2009 on Lake Coeur d’Alene.


Centurion Boats: What are your goals in this next season?

Caitlin Wheeler: My goals this season are to make it to Worlds again and keep on progressing with wakesurfing! We are excited to join the Centurion team in this new chapter and look to get people in our community riding behind this incredible boat. Looking forward to the 2020 season!

Adam Wheeler: To progress my surf skills as I enter my first year as a pro rider in 2020. Also, to have as much fun as possible and always appreciate the fact that I get to surf behind a boat! I also enjoy coaching and want to continue to grow the sport locally in my area.


Centurion Boats: Any special routine that you do prior to competing?

Caitlin Wheeler: I am still figuing out that special routine prior to competing but recently it’s been helping me to get hyped up and energized before going out!

Adam Wheeler: Special Routine prior to competing I like to stretch, relax, and get focused


Centurion Boats: What is your favorite music playlist while boarding?

Caitlin Wheeler: I am weird and don’t care for music…so Adam chooses the music!

Adam Wheeler: Normally I like either old school hip hop or EDM.


Centurion Boats: What about Centurion Boats made you want to join our pro team?

Caitlin Wheeler: We love the wave and the Centurion team is great!  Also, we are excited to now train behind the boat that we compete on the most.

Adam Wheeler: I had the opportunity to surf behind a lot of different boats and brands this past summer while coaching and giving lessons. The Centurion wave ended up being my favorite.  There is so much push in the back of the wave and it’s so much fun to ride! Centurion has given so much back to the sport of wakesurfing and has supported it for a long time. They have a great team atmosphere, and I am stoked and honored to be a part of it!


Centurion Boats: Here’s a good one, what do watersports mean to you?

Caitlin Wheeler: Watersports have been a great way for me to stay active and have fun. I feel that watersports brought my husband and I closer together, and we are lucky to be able to share an activity that we both love to do!

Adam Wheeler: Great times with family and friends. Some of the best moments and memories in my life have come through watersports.


Centurion Boats: Do you have any siblings or children?

Caitlin Wheeler: No children, but two dogs! Riley who is a Viszla and Gunner who is a Brittany.

Adam Wheeler: I am the oldest of 5 kids.  I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  I was fortunate to grow up with a family that loved the boating lifestyle and watersports!


Centurion Boats: What are your notable achievements in the sport?

Caitlin Wheeler: 2020 Season (Women Pro Skim): 2nd- Cali Comp Festival

2019 Season (Women Pro Skim): 3rd-Arizona Wake surf Championship Series, 2nd-Wild West Wake Surf Shootout, 3rd-Online Wake surf Series, 2nd- Yanmar Wake surfing competition, 5th place overall in rankings at the end of the 2019 season.

2018 Season (Outlaw Women Skim): 3rd-World Wake surf Comp, 2nd-Canadian Nationals, 1st-Northwest Open,

Adam Wheeler: 2nd Place Worlds Outlaw Skim 2019, 2nd Place Wild West Shootout Outlaw Skim 2019, 2nd Place AZ Wakesurf Open Outlaw Skim 2019, 2nd Place Canadian Nationals Outlaw Skim 2018, 2nd Place Worlds Amateur Skim 2017


Centurion Boats: Are you involved in any noncompetitive events or volunteer causes that you’d like to mention?

Caitlin Wheeler: I am a pediatric physical therapist. I spend a lot of time in the local school district helping children with disabilities.

Adam Wheeler: I work full-time as a physical therapist as well. I specialize in orthopedics and sports rehab.  I enjoy helping people find solutions to help them feel better, move better, and improve their quality of life!


Centurion Boats: Do you have any other sponsors you’d like to mention?

Caitlin Wheeler: Kanuk Board Co, Stancraft Marine, Agenda Surf, Defiant Coffee, Surfs Up North Idaho – Wakesurf Lessons

Adam Wheeler: Caitlin and I have the same sponsors, so same here!

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