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Centurion Boats Continues to Excel at Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Miami, FL (February 15, 2023) — It’s clear Centurion Boats is committed to customer satisfaction, as they have been awarded the NMMA CSI Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Award for the fifth year in a row at this year’s Miami Boat Show. The consistency with which the company receives this award makes it clear that customer satisfaction is a… Read more »

Centurion 2022 Waves of Positive Change

MERCED, CA (December 8, 2022) – Centurion boats are waking waves of positive change with service organizations who honor, heal and empower. Centurion’s support of service organizations like Operation Wake Surf and Operation Get Out is our opportunity to honor service members, first responders and frontline workers. Centurion Salute to Service recognizes these amazing individuals,… Read more »

Centurion Salute 2 Service Will be Paying it Forward at 2022 World Wake Surfing Championship

Mooresville, NC (September 23, 2022) – Operation Wake Surf (OWS) combined with our Centurion Salute to Service (S2S) project, will be joining the party at the 2022 Centurion World Wake Surfing Championships yet again. If you aren’t familiar with S2S, we’d like to familiarize you with the incredible opportunity that this project gives to servicemen… Read more »

Drive and Ride a 2023 Centurion During the World Wake Surfing Championship with Upstate Marine on Lake Norman

Mooresville, North Carolina (September 16, 2022) – Sign-up to experience the World’s best waves, wakes and ride behind an Upstate Marine Centurion in Mooresville, NC! The evolution of the wake boat is coming to Lake Norman October 6th – 8th for Centurion Waterproof Demo Days hosted by Upstate Marine North Carolina! Along with the opportunity… Read more »

2022 Centurion World Wake Surf Championships!

Lake Norman, NC – The 2022 Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship is launching on October 6th-8th at Lake Norman, North Carolina. This is the 26th running of this renowned event, held once a year for the most elite wake surfing athletes in the World. This event will be the final destination for some of the best… Read more »

Introducing the 2023 Fi25! C8 Inspired, Centurion Innovated!

Merced, CA (September 2, 2022) – The Centurion Fi25 is purpose-built high performance stretched into 25-feet of “making life better” innovation. Like the new C8 Corvette, the 2023 Fi25 has one main job, high performance. The Fi25 was designed to produce the best waves and wakes, while providing an unmatched rough water ride. Our engineers leaned into this… Read more »

2023 Centurion Fi23 Not For Everyone Just #1, You!

Merced, CA (August 26, 2022) – The Centurion Fi23 is not for everyone. It is extremely purpose built. Like a fighter plane, the 2023 Fi23 has one main job, high performance. The Fi23 was designed to produce the best waves and wakes, while providing an unmatched rough water ride. Our engineers leaned into this focus with a mindset… Read more »

The 2023 Centurion Ri230 is the Best of Both Worlds Performance!

Merced, CA (August 19, 2022) –With as much as 5400 pounds of ballast available in the 23-foot Centurion Ri230, this incredible surf wave has become a big topic of conversation because it is being generated by the smallest of the Ri Series Centurions. But it wouldn’t be an Ri if it wasn’t also a revolution innovated in… Read more »

The 2023 Centurion Ri265 is Gravity for Greatness

Merced, CA (August 12, 2022) – The 2023 Ri265 is grounded in greatness with the uncanny ability to harness the “go big” attitude in all who board. This 26-foot 6-inch wake surf boat pulls World Champions to it with the promise of making their lives better. It also draws champions in the making who subscribe to… Read more »