ALBERTA, CANADA (July 21, 2019) –The inaugural Alberta stop, hosted by Absolut Water Sports, of the Centurion Water Proof Tour, presented by Roswell Marine, wrapped up Sunday afternoon as surfers grabbed, kicked, and pumped their way up and down the Ri237 wave making their final run of the two day event. Saturday’s first day of competition was set with cloudy skies, but despite the gloominess many Centurion team riders jumped out to the front of the pack putting themselves in good position to podium on day two. The 2019 Centurion Ri237 was the perfect boat for the event as it gave a consistent and powerful wave which served as an excellent performance stage for surfers on both days of action.

Centurion boats team riders made the most out of their time in the north, when all was said and done three of the four pro divisions featured at least one Centurion rider at the podium. Keenan Flegel and Connor Burns dominated Men’s Pro Surf taking first and second respectively. Flegel also performed well in Men’s Pro Skim placing second in that division. Meanwhile, in the Women’s Pro Skim division, Sara Tallon and Caro Villeneuve represented Centurion in first and second position on the podium. Semi pro Zoey Montgomery also showed some killer stuff on the water, she finished second in both Women’s Outlaw Skim and Women’s Outlaw Surf. Other Centurion team pro riders had solid competitions as well as Zane Montgomery and Jarrett Scribner just missed the podium finishing fourth in Men’s Pro Surf and fifth in Men’s Pro Skim respectively.

Apart from the competition there was fun in the sun all around Lake Chestermere as demos on new Centurion models gave everyone a chance to get back behind a boat. It’s not hard to have fun when you’re shredding the longest wave in wake surfing. At the end of the day the event turned out to be a huge success. See the top three surfers in each division below and find full results on the CSWA website.

Male Pro Surf: 1st Keenan Flegel, 2nd Connor Burns, 3rd Jake Caster

Female Pro Surf: 1st Cassidy Gale, 2nd Lily Anderson, 3rd Bailey Rush

Male Pro Skim: 1st Camron Swanson, 2nd Keenan Flegel, 3rd Taylor Swanson

Female Pro Skim: 1st Sara Tallon, 2nd Caro Villeneuve, 3rd Bailey Rush

Male Outlaw Surf: 1st Bryce Wagner, 2nd Callum Bondy, 3rd Mats Anderson

Female Outlaw Surf: 1st Rylee Steffen, 2nd Zoey Montgomery, 3rd Whitley Stewart

Male Outlaw Skim: 1st Ryder Duczek, 2nd Phil Wilson, 3rd Pub Miyamoto

Female Outlaw Skim: 1st Whitley Stewart, 2nd Zoey Montgomery, 3rd Rylee Steffen

Male Masters Surf: 1st Don Bethke, 2nd Erik Anderson, 3rd Johnny Chung Chung

Female Masters Surf: 1st Bridgetta O’Shea, 2nd Holly Allaire, 3rd Keiko Inoki

Male Masters Skim: 1st Mark Walser, 2nd Blair Clark, 3rd Yoshihiro Kawasaki

Female Masters Skim: 1st Jolene Allen, 2nd Carly Newell, 3rd Taralyn Jolie

Male Amateur Surf: 1st Keegan Hodgson, 2nd Cole Reid, 3rd Jeffrey Gruen 

Female Amateur Surf: 1st Rileigh Loftin, 2nd Hazel Kelly, 3rd Rayna Steffen

Male Amateur Skim: 1st Evan Hudson, 2nd Derian Halsey, 3rd Garret Ashby

Female Amateur Skim: 1st Cassidy Boehm, 2nd Bailey Dunn, 3rd Rileigh Loftin

Juniors (Combined): 1st Dagen Duczek, 2nd Jonah Feener, 3rd Hayden Becker

The Water Proof Tour is Centurion and Supreme’s eight stop series sanctioned by the Competitive Wake Surfing Association(CWSA) as a part of the World Series of Wake Surfing. The series has now taken the world’s best wakes, waves, and ride all over the country and all over the world with stops in Arizona, Washington, Japan, South Korea, and Canada. Don’t miss out on some of the best wake surf riders in the world and don’t miss your chance to get out on the water, we’ve got your number. Centurion boats gives you the perfect ride, every time.

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