MERCED, CA (August 14, 2015) – A relentlessly innovated 23- foot 7-inch water sports boat, the new 2016 Ri237 is the next level in World Championship Towboat performance, design and craftsmanship. The Ri237 furthers this storied performance with a newly designed Deep-v Hull pushed by GM Gen 5 direct injection power from PCM with C-Force. Dominant performance continues with the seamless integration of Centurion’s signature wake enhancement technology. The Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) and the Asymmetric Wing fine-tune the shape of your wakes and waves with a touch. RAMFILL Ballast fills in 45 seconds to create huge walls of water, while QuickSurf Pro can move your surf wave from side to side in as little as 2 seconds behind a level boat. The Ri237’s form follows its function with an ambitiously designed exotic sports car exterior featuring a one-of-kind modified v-bow, uniquely shaped body lines anda stylized transom that is as handsome as it is hangout-ready. Luxury interior accommodation like a 3-position Slide Seat and patent pending Side by Side High Definition (SxS HD) Touch Vision technology make days on the water in this Centurion last even longer. Inspirational is the only way to describe the level of craftsmanship applied to the Ri237. From the resiliently soft Comfort Strong vinyl to the GORE® TENARA® Thread made by GORE- TEX® holding it in place to the artistically applied gel coat to the quiet unibody construction is all built on, the Centurion Ri237 is a new generation of World Championship Towboat. Contact your local Centurion Boats Dealer today to schedule your encounter with performance, design and craftsmanship relentlessly innovated in the 2016 Ri237.

Waves & Wakes

The Ri237’s wakes and waves benefit from the continuous improvement of Centurion Boats’ dominant performance. The shape of the Deep-v Hull has been refined to elevate the water behind the boat as well as your riding. The Ri237 strakes have been sharpened and extended for greater hull displacement with less weight. Controlled through the new Side by Side High Definition (SxS HD) Touch Vision Dash, Centurion’s wave enhancement technologies can be as flexible or fixed as you would like. The Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) provides an unprecedented level of adjustability in your wave shape and the control of your boat. By partially rotating from left to right, CATS can deflect the bow either direction to change the water contact on the hull’s running surface. This shapes the wake and can level the boat when ballast or passengers are off-set.While CATS adjusts the horizontal running angle of the boat, the Asymmetric Wing adjusts the vertical running attitude, eliminating bow rise and offering further wake shape tuning. This wing is larger on one side to order the turbulence from a clockwise rotating prop and give you as pristine of a starboard (goofy) wave as the port (regular) surf wave. The RAMFILL ballast system displaces massive amounts of water for the ideal wakes and waves in as little as 45 seconds. The Ri’s standard center 300-pound ballast tank, an available U-shaped Plug N Play 500-pound bow bag and 2 optional Plug N Play 550-pound rear bags offer even more displacement from the factory. The 2016 Centurion Ri237’s available QuickSurf Pro surf system adds more convenience and versatility. Surf the port or starboard side, even transferring midsession, while running completely level. But Centurion Ri237 performance isn’t restricted to the rider in tow.


The Ri237 is as fun to drive and ride in as it is to wake surf behind. The Deep-v Hull makes for an excellent rough water ride while the newly straightened chines allow you to navigate high and slow speed turns with ease. You will also have the added control of rack and pinion steering and the Adjustable Rudder commanded by a new sure-grip custom Centurion Gussi Italia Steering Wheel. Throttle-up and with the Livorsi Electronic Shifter and feel the torquey takeoff of Centurion Force (C-Force). C-Force is the combination of a powerfully efficient GM Marine Direct Injection Engine marinized by PCM, a 1.72 to 1 gear reduction and torque-optimized propping. Standard with the new GM Marine H5DI by PCM, the Centurion Ri237 is both efficient and extremely effective even weighted for a pro wake surf session. For more power, Ri237 buyers can upgrade to the GM Marine H6DI by PCM or to the Supercharged GM Marine XR7 by PCM. Todecrease your time to plane and completely eliminate bow rise, touch “QUICKLAUNCH” on the SxS HD Touch Vision screen. This will send both available QuickSurf blades and the Asymmetric Wing to 100% engaged on take off for instantaneous starts even when weighted.

Exterior Design

The 2016 Centurion Ri237 is a World Championship Towboat of Ambitious Design on the outside. From the dock you’ll notice the distinct front end. The Ri237’s modified v-bow is fitted with two fresh air intakes covered by an aggressive black anodized billet aluminum frame filled with a stainless steel grill. To either side of the grill Centurion has added Baja Racing LED Docking Lights that will guide you to the dock with 2200 lumens. Each docking light is directed by a gel coated color-matched hood for a customizable look. The Ri design continues along the hull and deck with a combination of lines, concave and convex surfaces that give a nod to Centurion style with a look all their own. The Centurion Maximus Tower by Roswell compliments this design and is now available with gel coated fiberglass accent shields. The transom of the Ri237 is a marvel of design itself with a tooled-in rear seat surrounded by stainless steel cup holders and shrouding convenient storage. The swim step is also benefits from ambitious design with tapped rear edge for easy water access, two cup holders for hot hang-out sessions, Gator Step non-skid for sure footing and a gel coat color accent for style.

Interior Design

Centurion style and ambition continues on the inside of the Ri237 with the upholstery design, seating accommodations and dash technology. Comfort Strong Marine Vinyl by Spradling covers the interior of the Ri237 with multiple colors and textures sewn into beautiful patterns. Take a seat and you’ll realize it’s difficult to choose. The seating options in an Ri are plentiful as well as comfortable and elegant in function. The new tooled-in lean-back behind the driver’s seat not only provides a great rear-facing seat, but it houses easily accessible storage and a trash receptacle. The flip-up lean-back on the passenger’s side of the Ri is large to support you for an entire day of wake watching. The new 3-Stage Slide Seat is yet another seating option. Locking into three positions for precise passenger weight placement and seating choices, the Ri237 Slide Seat is available with filler cushions to transform your lounge into an even more relaxing playpen. But the best seat in the house still has to be the driver’s seat. Not only does the driver’s seat offer a high performance-style back and a flip-up bolster with stainless hinges, this seat is placed perfectly to control the new Patent Pending Side by Side High Definition (SxS HD) Touch Vision screens in the 2016 Centurion Ri237. The SxS HD Touch Vision consists of two high def screens that team to the display related content when needed or show two separate sets of information for ultimate in multi-tasking on the water. Press the GPS button and the SxS HD home screens display flies to the right screen and opens GPS Mapping on the left. This way you never loose sight of general or specific boat system information.


The secret to Centurion Boats craftsmanship is the underlying motivation to build boats the right way. Efficiency is in important, but sometimes we need to look past time, cost and ease towards the path that will get us to the best boat we can build. Enter the Ri237. We take extra steps and utilize the best materials when it comes to the structure of our boats, the interior and the exterior look. Centurion craftsmanship is as much about sound as it is look and feel. Silence denotes precision and each Centurion boat is “inside voice” quiet on the interior. You can have a normal noise-level conversation even with the boat underway. A digitally measured combination of resin and fiberglass is applied as a skin coat to back-up the artisan applied gel coat. A layer of a special barrier coat called Armor Guard is sprayed between the gel coat and the skin coat to block any fiberglass from showing through. This precision skin coat is followed by hand laid bi- direction, tri-directional and quad-directional woven roving fiberglass cloth.Centurion’s Integrated Composite System (ICS) bonds the hull; substructure, floor and deck at a molecular level with the space age adhesive ITW Plexus. Thanks to our extensive lamination procedure and unibody construction, Centurion boats are the strong silent type. Centurion’s unique Reverse Shoebox design fits the boat deck edge inside an upturned flange at the hull’s edge. This design eliminates the possibility of water intrusion. Bonded together as an integral part of ICS the Reverse Shoebox helps make Centurion boats the strongest, most leak resistant boats in the world. 28 distinct artistically applied gel coat colors fill unique schemes sure to draw attention on the lake. The Centurion shine is unmistakable and designated automotive quality through independent testing. Gel coat colors decorating the exterior can spill onto the floor and seat bases accented by custom-colored fiberglass interior side panels. Beautifully comfortable upholstery picks up were the gel coat leaves off with soft durable Spradling Marine Vinyl stitched with strong element and chemical-proof GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread made by GORE- TEX®.

Contact your local Centurion Boats Dealer today to schedule your encounter with performance, design and craftsmanship relentlessly innovated in the 2016 Ri237.

Ri237 Specs

Length: 23’ 7″
Beam: 102″
Draft: 36 ”
Weight: TBD
Fuel Capacity: 63 gal
Seating Capacity: 16 People
Ballast Capacity: RAMFILL STD + 300 lbs. STD + 1600 lbs. OPT = 1900 lbs. (Not Including RAMFILL)

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