ORLANDO, FL (July 5, 2017) – This past week 30 employees from several Correct Craft companies travelled to Pignon, Haiti, on an employee service trip. The employees left June 30th and returned July 3rd.

For four days, employee volunteers from Correct Craft and its various subsidiaries (Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, SeaArk, Bass Cat, and Yar-Craft) banded together to help the residents of Pignon, Haiti, an extremely poverty stricken community. During the trip, Correct Craft employees served a community camp by painting a large residence building, constructing soccer goals, building new seating benches for a gathering space, and making much needed electrical repairs. The Correct Craft team also purchased and distributed food to over one hundred families in the community.

This recent trip is one of many taken by Correct Craft employees over the past ten years to serve in various communities around the world. Previous trips have included Correct Craft employees serving in Cambodia, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

SeaArk President Steve Henderson, attending his first Correct Craft service trip commented, “As one of the newest Correct Craft companies our employees were excited to support this important initiative. We have been working on service projects in our local community in Arkansas, but it was a real honor to serve the people of Pignon, alongside Correct Craft and some of our sister companies.”

Also joining the group in Haiti was Nautique President Greg Meloon who stated, “For several years Nautique employees have served both locally and globally as part of our Nautique Cares initiative. It was exciting to see them once again volunteer by helping the people of Pignon, Haiti.”

Bill Yeargin, President and CEO of Correct Craft, stated, “Over the past ten years our employees have travelled the globe serving the less fortunate and this trip to Haiti was definitely one of our best experiences.” Yeargin added, “I am so incredibly honored to work with such an amazing group of people who truly care and want to help people around the world. Correct Craft and its companies truly have an exceptional culture of Making Life Better!”

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