ORLANDO, FL (January 31, 2019) – Correct Craft, long known for its commitment to exceptional employee development, has launched a new employee educational program, Correct Craft University (CCU). CCU will expand, enhance and elevate the fundamental skills of all levels of team members at Correct Craft and its subsidiaries.

Correct Craft University is a voluntary program meant to provide opportunities for personal, professional and leadership enhancement. The personal growth sector will focus on financial management skills, language and computer classes. Professional growth will focus on-the-job training skills. CCU will also offer a leadership course based on job responsibilities that reinforce current skills and prepare those individuals who aspire to be in a leadership position with the skills they need to advance.

CCU tailors its courses specifically to each Correct Craft brand. Education and development occur in several formats – on-site training classes, individual micro-learning videos, webinars, and assigned readings. A book-club and cross-functional team meetings will be facilitated at each company to integrate staff and build individual acumen and team comradery. Employees’ completing the program are eligible to apply for promotional opportunities within the entire Correct Craft organization.

Bill Yeargin, Correct Craft’s President and CEO stated, “An important part of Correct Craft’s culture is both continuous improvement and employee development. Correct Craft University will be equipping our employees to be future leaders at either a Correct Craft company or any place they may be in the future. We are excited to have a program that equips and strengthens our team.”

Yeargin added, “I am often asked what I am most proud of related to what our team has done at Correct Craft. I always respond that I am thrilled about the many ways we have been able to offer development opportunities to our employees. Over the past twelve years, we have had nearly thirty employees earn MBAs with Correct Craft’s support on top of innumerable hours of other training. I am excited about the desire our team has to grow and improve!”

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