ORLANDO, FL (January 27, 2021) – Ingenity’s electric Super Air Nautique GS22E has been named the only boat on WIRED Magazine’s 2021 list of the world’s ultimate electric rides.

WIRED, a technology-based magazine, recognized Ingenity among a list of sustainable transport machines built for land, sea, or air. It states that, in spite of the global pandemic, Deloitte recently increased in forecast for the EV (electric vehicle) market to 31.1 million units sold annually by 2030. This increasing demand indicates a broader trend for more electric forms of transportation such as the Super Air Nautique GS22E by Ingenity.

Sean Marrero, President of Ingenity states, “Wake surfing on 100% electric power is one of the highest and best forms of recreation on the planet…and it also happens to be better for the planet.  Nobody leaves an Ingenity demo without a smile on their face.”

The magazine states that the GS22E is the “Tesla of the wakeboarding world.” The GS22E powers watersports enthusiasts for hours of fun with its unique 124kWh battery.   Its robust electric propulsion system was designed for those who want to make the world a cleaner place without sacrificing fun on the water.

“The GS22E is an awesome piece of technology,” Marrero added. “Our team is both proud and grateful to be recognized by WIRED as we continue the important work of creating a better tomorrow today for our customers.”

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