MERCED, CA (November 1st, 2019) – The Centurion Boats pro wakeboard team is pleased to announce the addition of JB ONeill. JB has been in the wakeboard game for over a decade after wakeboarding for the first time on Lake Travis in 2004. JB has developed a worldwide fan base with incredible stunts featured heavily on his popular YouTube channel. The Austin, Texas native also founded the Instagram channel @TheWakeMag which features everything from exciting wake adventures to tips and tricks for however you ride.

Despite being the newest member to the Centurion team JB already has a long history with Centurion. Growing up one of JB’s close friends owned a classic Centurion Avalanche a boat they shredded behind almost daily. JB reflects on those days with fond memories, since that time he’s ridden behind a few Enzos and a 2019 Fi25, JB’s seen the brand come a long way. When asked about his decision to join the Centurion team JB pointed to the Fi25’s wakes. The development of the Fi25’s ‘insane’ wakes ultimately sealed the deal for JB.

In 2019 JB was honored as both the WakeWorld Rail Rider of the Year and the WakeWorld Cable Rider of the Year. In this upcoming season JB is focused on bringing more and more people to the industry through his various social channels with the ultimate goal of showing people what watersports is all about, having a good time on the water with friends and family.

When asked about the addition of JB ONeill to the pro team, Centurion Boats VP of Sales and Marketing Amy Mauzy had this to say, “We could not be more excited to add JB ONeill to our pro team. Not only has JB performed exceptionally well in competition but more than that he’s an incredible ambassador for the industry. JB’s dedication to bringing more and more people to watersports makes him a perfect addition to the Centurion Boats team, we know that this new partnership will help pass the handle to more and more people for years to come.”

JB’s Other Sponsors: HyperliteX DubaiIONBoardCo.com

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