ORLANDO, FL (March 8, 2021) – Hundreds of marine industry leaders across the globe gathered last Wednesday to participate in the second Marine Industry Culture Summit hosted by Correct Craft. Comments about the Summit have been extraordinary as participants shared how the transformative ideas shared will change them and their organizations.

The Marine Industry Culture Summit was a two-hour event that followed up on a two-day Culture Summit that took place in early 2020. This year’s event began with a presentation by Bill Yeargin (Correct Craft President and CEO) recapping last year’s event before sharing lessons learned at Correct Craft regarding the establishment of an effective culture. Next, the attendees heard a keynote presentation by Dee Ann Turner (Chick-Fil-A veteran and author) who shared real stories of organizations that have a remarkable culture. Following Turner, the participants heard from Shirley Adams who shared how Correct Craft University develops employees. The Summit concluded with a live panel discussing culture; Yeargin moderated the panel which included Kris Carroll President of Grady White, Duane Kuck President and CEO of Regal Boats, and Paul Singer President of Centurion & Supreme Boats.

“The response of this year’s Culture Summit has been incredible. It is great to see our industry put an emphasis on culture. I learned so much from all our speakers and have added new books to my reading list.” Yeargin added, “Investing in culture has huge returns to an organization; we appreciate all who attended this Summit with us and invested time in being a learner.”
The Culture Summit by Correct Craft is now available to watch at

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