MERCED, CA (September 29, 2017) – Some people need a little encouragement to up their game. Centurion Boats introduces that encouragement for 2018 in the form of the all-new Fi21. Like the Fi23, the Fi21 is a new, sleekly-styled, ultrawide bow surf and wake boat. It offers Centurion-caliber waves, wakes and ride, in a 21-foot package at an entry-premium price. If you have longed for that premium boat experience, but have been reluctant to act on that dream, this boat offers you the opportunity to jump right in and build one. Visit your local Centurion Boats dealer to experience the perfect ride with the 2018 Fi21 today.

The striking look of the Fi21, with its extremely wide bow and aggressive lines, calls to mind premium exotic sports cars. From the front, the Fi21 looks wide – and it is wide. On the inside, the appointments suggest the comfort of a luxury sedan. The Fi21 is built on the new, modified deep-v hull design we call the Opti-V, which mixes the maximum surf wave displacement and ride quality advantages of a deep-v with balance that creates a symmetrical wakeboard wake, superior handling and fuel economy. In other words, it’s designed for sports.

And at the new Split HD Touch Vision Dash as much as 4750 pounds of ballast can be controlled along with the 2-second transfer of QuickSurf Pro and fast flat take-offs of QuickLaunch. Available with RAMFILL the Fi21 can fill in as little as 45 seconds to create pro-level waves and wakes. And that’s a luxury. With its premium-entry price and its compact size, the Fi21 will fit your budget and your space. Its unique appearance attracts admiration, and its performance dispels the myth that looks can be deceiving. It looks like a premium sports boat and it performs like a premium sports boat.

Because Centurion designed the Fi21 to offer an entry-premium price boat, some of the technology and luxuries that reside in the “World’s Best” Ri Series have been taken out of the Fi or made optional. Translation: add as much or as little to the package as you like. Enjoy the exuberance of the ride and the luxurious interior as it comes, or add some extras to build exactly what you want. Nothing can detract from the hours of enjoyment that will come from owning an Fi21.

Visit your local Centurion Boats dealer to experience the perfect ride with the 2018 Fi21 today.

2018 Fi21 Specs: 
Length: 21’
Beam: 102”
Draft: 32?
Weight: 5100 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 48 gallons
Seating Capacity: 12
Total Available Ballast:  4750 LBS
PNP Bow Ballast: 250 LBS OPT
Bow Ballast Tank: 350 LBS STD
PNP Rear Ballast: 1650 LBS OPT (2 x 650lbs + 1 350lbs)
Sub-floor Pumped/ RAMFILL PRO Ballast: 2500 LBS STD/ OPT

About Centurion Boats: Innovation has always been the hallmark of Centurion boats. Now, thanks to new product, leadership and Correct Craft company culture, innovation is running deeper than ever, into a re-imagination of the Centurion brand. Water sports enthusiasts are embracing Centurion boats for the world’s best waves, wakes and ride, as well as ambitious design and inspired craftsmanship. Time to re-imagine your ride, in a Centurion.

About Correct Craft: Celebrating 92 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida-based company with global operations. The Correct Craft family includes Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, SeaArk, and Bryant boat companies, Pleasurecraft Engine Group, and Aktion Parks. For more information please visit