Merced, CA (August 24th, 2020) – Discerning buyers will know that Centurion Boats have become the evolution of the wake boat thanks to an Opti-V Hull design that maximizes water displacement to shape natural waves with more push. Unlike flat and round bottom designs the Opti-V cuts through the chop rather than slapping against it, the result? A smooth rough water ride and up to 50% less fuel burned. It’s understood that Centurion Boats are the evolution of the wake boat, but this year there is a sudden change in this distinction. The Centurion Revolution has completely changed everything with two all new Ri models for the 2021 model year. Earlier this summer the 24’6” Ri245 burst onto the scene with astonishing success and now the king has finally arrived with the Ri265. Clocking in at 26’ 6” with 5850 lbs of available ballast the 2021 Ri265 is a powerful new entry to the Centurion line. This boat is in a class of it’s own, but it isn’t just big for the sake of size, the Ri265 is attacking all areas of innovation simultaneously with a deeper, longer, thoughtfully refined, more aggressively styled and better performing wake surf boat; that manages to hold a reasonable price point. From the biggest improvements to the smallest refinements the Ri265 has everything you could want and more.  The 2021 Centurion Ri265 is Revolution Innovated. Contact your local Centurion Boats dealer to let us prove it to you.

To start, the world’s best waves, wakes and ride have gotten even better with the evolved running surface of the Opti-V Hull. This new Centurion wake boat moves past an evolution in design to a revolution in design with an innovated running surface that takes the Opti-V to another level. Not many companies would mess with a good thing, but Centurion Boats is not most companies. As a Correct Craft Company, Centurion’s main objective is making lives better and achieving that vision requires continuous product improvement. The Opti-Hull has been innovated to include more hook, which changes the running attitude of the boat to get the nose down and to get the entire “v” of the running surface under plane in a way that displaces more water for wake surfing and wakeboarding. The new QuickSurf Pro Surf System has also been redesigned with longer blades featuring a turned-down trailing edge to create even more lift opposite the surf side. This creates more water displacement on the surf corner for an even wider range of surf wave adjustment. The Ri265 performance also benefits from 7 independently filled and drained ballast areas placed evenly throughout the boat. They combine for as much as 5850 pounds of available ballast from the factory. Available RAMFILL accounts for half of the Ri265s ballast and fills in 90 seconds. All this wake surfing performance and the Ri265 still manages fuel with more than 50% better efficiency than other comparably sized models.

The look of the Centurion Ri265 merges the depth of the Ri Series with the sharp lines of the Fi Series achieving an aggressive, head-turning style. However, the sharp chiseled lines of the Ri265 are only a small part of this boat’s telling exterior. The two-tone lit Centurion-branded front grill lets you know this is an Ri at first sight. Then the two pair of Baja Racing docking lights finish that look shining with 4800 lumens (lm) on each side. The side profile of the boat reveals the perfect combination of shapes and textures visually communicating Centurion’s World-Renown wake surfing reputation in an eye-shot. Black and brushed billet anodized vents created by PTM look as if they were designed to go specifically with the Ri265 because they were. The RAMFILL and model designator vents are backlit so there is no mistake this is a Centurion Ri265. Once you can look past these signature elements, you become aware of the DropZone Auto Tower that is standard on the Ri265. The DropZone Auto Tower by Roswell folds quick and smooth with the push of a button thanks to floating Linear Actuators. The DropZone offers even more function with thoughtful touches like surf-side tow points and hangers. It also provides 40% more strength thanks to the water drop extruded construction that compliments the lines of the Centurion Ri265 perfectly.

The Ri265 features thoughtful refinements that make your life better. The new Revo Side by Side 12” X 12” Touch Vision HD Dash is the brains of the operation with graphical control over nearly every boat system. These new larger screens are not only high definition, they are extremely high functioning. The stereo can now be controlled through the Revo Side by Side screens along with QuickSurf Pro, RAMFILL, ZeroOff speed control and the Silent Stinger Wake Plate. The Ri265 also comes standard with a Wireless Clamping Cell Phone Charger by PTM. Additionally, this year’s software has the first real time trip and fuel consumption data. It’s no secret which wake boat is the most efficient and we’re ready to prove it to you.

While the captain has complete control over the operation of the Ri265, as many as 17 of his or her closest friends have the opportunity to put everything away beneath hinged, shocked lounge seats. Passengers also have the ability to customize their seating layout with an optional flip-up lean back on the passengers-side as well as a standard 4-position slide seat with optional plug-in lean backs that can face forward or back. If lounging is more your style, the Ri265 has two Lay-flat Sun Pad Lounge Seats with robust ratchet hinges for sturdy, but simple use. Speaking of seats, the Ri265 comes with an exclusive rear facing flip up stadium seat with a telescoping leanback adding another rear facing vantage point directly in front of the observer’s seat, another place to take a load off while you enjoy any action happening behind the boat. When you flip the seat down, the circle of lounge seating is closed with a convenient space underneath perfect for shoes, bags, or whatever you might want secured easy access to. All that lounging is bound to make you thirsty, good thing the Ri265 comes standard with a custom 40-qt Grizzly cooler that fits perfectly in the in-floor enclosure directly to the side of the captain’s seat. This matching ice chest will not only keep your drinks cold for days on end, it also exudes your personal style with customized matching Gator Step nonskid surrounding the outside of the ice box.

The new 2021 Centurion Ri265 is a larger Ri Series wake boat, but that is just the beginning of this story. This 26.5-foot wake boat is the epitome of a fundamental and sudden shift in power. But this new Centurion is not turning the tide in the battle for wake surfing boat mindshare based only on size or an extra large price tag. The Ri265 is attacking all areas of innovation simultaneously with a deeper, longer, thoughtfully refined, more aggressively styled and better performing wake surf boat; that manages to hold a reasonable price point. The Ri265 is Revolution innovated. Let us prove it to you.

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