PARKER, AZ (October 5, 2015) – The 2015 World Wake Surfing Championship presented by GM Marine Technology concluded Saturday with spectacular fashion. Fourteen new world champions were crowned and a $100,000 cash purse, water sports’ largest, was distributed to the pro men’s and pro women’s top three finishers in both skim and surf style riding. The conditions for competition were as good as they could be at the Bluewater Resort & Casino on the beautiful Colorado river and the waves produced by the Centurion Boats new Ri237 were nothing less than amazing. It wasn’t just the conditions that were good, the athletes competing in this year’s World Wake Surfing Championship proved they are truly the best in the world by exhibiting maneuvers that had never been thrown in competition before. For the first time in the history of the World Wake Surfing Championship, spectators saw amateur divisions completing maneuvers that only professionals once attempted. In fact, there were dozens of personal best runs produced at this year’s World Wake Surfing Championship presented by GM Marine Engine Technology.

The 2015 World Wake Surfing Championship hosted a new record of 151 athletes from all over the world — up more than 65% over the 2014 event. The competition ran three full days from sunrise to sunset, challenging event organizers to be on their game. Athletes came from Russia, Switzerland, France, Canada, Austria, Brazil and the United States. The Saturday finals and Awards Gala were webcast LIVE for fans around the globe to watch their fellow competitors from the comfort of their home via The final results were as follows:

Women’s Pro Surf FINALS

Women's Pro Surf FINALS

  1. Ashley Kidd 92.2
  2. Jordan Wolfe 90.9
  3. Allison Sos 89.2
  4. Stacia Bank 67.0
  5. Angie Viland 62.3
  6. Raleigh Hager 60.3

Men’s Pro Surf FINALS

2015 WWSC Men's Pro Surf FINALS

  1. Keenan Flegel 88.4
  2. Parker Payne 86.2
  3. Noah Flegel 84.8
  4. Chris Wolter 80.3
  5. James Walker 62.2
  6. Aaron Witherell 58.1
  7. Zane Montgomery 50.5

Women’s Pro Skim FINALS

2015 WWSC Women's Pro Skim FINALS

  1. Caroline Villeneuve 84.4
  2. Jodi Grassman 83.5
  3. Taylor Dorey 74.6
  4. Taylor Beaver 64.1
  5. Stacia Bank 61.7

Men’s Pro Skim FINALS

2015 WWSC Men's Pro Skim FINALS

  1. Noah Flegel 96.2
  2. Andrew Danielo 87.7
  3. Keenan Flegel 87.5
  4. Aaron Witherell 86.0
  5. John Akerman 84.4

Women’s Outlaw Surf FINALS

2015 WWSC Women's Outlaw Surf FINALS

  1. Anne Prochaska 62.5
  2. Kia Grindland 60.0
  3. Madi Horta 52.0
  4. Frankie Jost 47.0
  5. Kristy McDonald 37.0

Men’s Outlaw Surf FINALS

2015 WWSC Men's Outlaw Surf FINALS

  1. Hunter Clement 74.0
  2. Artem Khalyavin 65.5
  3. Pete Lange 65.0
  4. Ford Chupik 63.5
  5. Vince Costa 39.0

Women’s Outlaw Skim FINALS

  1. Kia Grindland 86.0
  2. Abigail Chao 75.5
  3. Frankie Jost 71.5
  4. Jasmine Long 67.0
  5. Julie Vasselin 54.5

Men’s Outlaw Skim FINALS

  1. Casey Currin 66.1
  2. Jonathan Howell 63.1
  3. Michael LaMacchia 62.9
  4. Leland Watkins 61.8
  5. Max Smetts 61.2
  6. Jason Lybeck 56.3

Women’s Masters FINALS

2015 WWSC Women's Masters FINALS

  1. Janelle Harrington 72.2
  2. Jennifer Currin 71.6
  3. Dawn Hooks 65.9
  4. Kristina Vanderlinde 62.9

Men’s Masters FINALS

2015 WWSC Men's Masters FINALS

  1. Chris Bank 96.0
  2. Eric Grindland 89.1
  3. Scott Culp 87.1
  4. Matt Smith 81.0
  5. Brent Dorey 75.0
  6. Danny Biebricher 57.4

Women’s Amateur Surf FINALS

  1. Hailey Cox-Smith 83.3
  2. Gabrielle Hockley 70.3
  3. Trisha Giguere 69.8
  4. Nicole Hudson 65.5
  5. Korinn Woodard 62.7
  6. Tatiana Darguzhas 48.0

Amateur Men’s Surf FINALS

2015 WWSC Amateur Men's Surf FINALS

  1. Jake Breedlove 79.0
  2. Markus Lahmer 66.0
  3. Drew Drennan 64.8
  4. Ryan Sternberg 63.3
  5. Jesse Baba 55.7

Women’s Amateur Skim FINALS

  1. Erika Sos 83.9
  2. Samantha Cline 72.5
  3. Cathy Ringer 69.2
  4. Kelli Burton 52.2
  5. Hailey Cox-Smith 48.0

Men’s Amateur Skim FINALS

  1. Ian Scott 78.7
  2. Jarrett Scribner 75.9
  3. Robert Ulrich 72.6
  4. Drew Drennan 69.5
  5. Jake Caster 60.0
  6. Jason Sternberg 55.4

An announcement for the 2016 season will be made soon.

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