The 2023 Centurion Ri230 is the Best of Both Worlds Performance!

Merced, CA (August 19, 2022) –With as much as 5400 pounds of ballast available in the 23-foot Centurion Ri230, this incredible surf wave has become a big topic of conversation because it is being generated by the smallest of the Ri Series Centurions. But it wouldn’t be an Ri if it wasn’t also a revolution innovated in addition to being another huge step in the evolution of the wake boat.  This 23-foot wake boat is the epitome of a fundamental and sudden shift in power. But this new Centurion is not turning the tide in the battle for wake surfing boat mindshare based on its popular size or an extra-large price tag. The Ri230 is attacking all areas of innovation simultaneously with a deeper, thoughtfully refined, more aggressively styled and better performing 23-foot wake surf boat. The Ri230 is actually the best of both Worlds. In addition to the look of the Centurion Ri230 merges the depth of the Ri Series with the sharp lines of the Fi Series achieving an aggressive, head-turning style. Centurion engineers have added a number of lake life-improving refinements to the Ri230 for as many as 14 people. The 2023 Centurion Ri230 includes Centurion’s Remote Engagement Continuous Optimization Network (RECON) telematics by Osmosis, Lay-flat Sun Pad Lounge Seats, Revo 12-inch by 12-inch side by side touch screens, the all new available RAMFILL2  or as we’ll call it the “Baller” ballast system, and the available Range of View (ROV) bow to stern camera system with live fuel usage data. The Ri230 is revolution innovated.

2023 Centurion Ri230 dual dash screens

The 2023 Centurion Ri230 is best of both Worlds thanks in large part to the Opti-V running surface. The balance of Centurion Opti-V Hull includes a hook under the Ri230, which changes the running attitude of the boat to get the nose down and the entire “v” of the running surface cutting through chop and/or displacing water for wake surfing and wakeboarding. The available QuickSurf Pro Surf System consists of long stainless-steel blades on the rear corners of the boat branded with the Centurion Warrior to create lift opposite the surf side. This creates more water displacement on the surf corner for a wide range of surf wave adjustment. The Ri230 performance also benefits from 7 independently filled and drained ballast areas placed evenly throughout the boat. They combine for as much as 5850 pounds of ballast from the factory. Available RAMFILL2 or “Baller Ballast” accounts for more than half of the Ri230s ballast and fills in 90 seconds thanks to fill and drain gates comprised of 2″ stainless steel ball valves. RAMFILL2 combines high performance with the extreme reliability of ball valves, typically reserved for yacht fuel systems. All of this wake surfing performance combines to allow the Ri230 to manage fuel with more than 50% better efficiency than competitors. Don’t take our word for it. Opt for the Range of View (ROV) screen and monitor your Ri230’s surroundings as well as trip data and fuel usage.

Side view of new 2023 Centurion Ri230 floating in water

If the revolutionary performance of the 2023 Centurion Ri230 brings out your inner watersports World champion, then the aggressive styling shows everyone exactly what’s beneath the surface. The Ri230 produces the World’s best waves, wakes and rides; it also looks the part. The chiseled lines of the Ri230 are only part of this boat’s telling exterior. The two-tone lit Centurion-branded front grill lets you know this is an Ri at first sight. Then the two pairs of Baja Racing docking lights finish that look shining with 4800 lumens (lm) on each side. The side profile of the boat reveals the perfect combination of shapes, textures and materials visually communicating Centurion’s World-Renown wake surfing reputation in an eyeshot. The Ri Series is available in 3 different gel coat schemes (Core, Slice and Drive) and you can choose from 37 gel coat colors to populate multiple color areas on the boat. For the 2023 model year you can also choose BombShell 2.0 Racks and/ or the HD 360 Square Mirror, both by Roswell, in 8 different colors. Together all of the custom color choices on a Centurion combine to create nearly 24 billion unique combinations. Black and brushed billet anodized vents created by PTM look as if they were designed to go specifically with the Ri230 because they were. The RAMFILL2 and model designator vents are backlit so there is no mistake this is a Centurion Ri230. Once you can look past these signature elements, you become aware of the DropZone Auto Tower that is standard on the Ri230. DropZone Auto Tower by Roswell folds quickly and smoothly with the push of a button thanks to floating Linear Actuators. The DropZone offers even more function with thoughtful touches like surf-side tow points and hangers. It also provides 40% more strength thanks to the water drop extruded construction that compliments the lines of the Centurion Ri230 perfectly.

Connor Burns surfing behind a 2023 Centurion Ri230

The Ri230 features thoughtful refinements that make your life better. The Revo Side by Side 12” X 12” Touch Vision HD Dash is the brains of the operation with graphical control over nearly every boat system. The Revo Dash now offers a new Inspection Mode that allows an operator to toggle-off Auto Drain for ease of inspection at an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) check point. These large touch screens are not only high definition, but they are also extremely high functioning. The available WetSounds and Roswell Stereo Systems and a new Equalizer are controlled through the Revo SxS along with QuickSurf Pro, RAMFILL2, ZeroOff speed control and the Silent Stinger Wake Plate. The Ri230 is also available with a third touch screen, the Centurion ROV Camera & Fuel Usage System (Range of View). The Ri Series also offers Centurion RECON (Telematics) standard for off-boat monitoring. The Ri230 also comes standard with a Wireless Clamping Cell Phone Charger by PTM. While the captain has complete control over the operation of the Ri230 13 of his or her closest friends have the opportunity to put everything away beneath hinged, shocked lounge seats. Passengers also have the ability to customize their seating layout with a standard Flip-up Stadium Seat on the passengers and drivers-side as well as a standard 6-position slide seat with optional plug-in lean backs that can face forward or back. If lounging is more your style, the Ri230 has two Flip Up Transom Stadium Seats that lay flat on the sun pad when stowed with robust ratchet hinges for comfortable, but simple use.

Ashley Kidd and JB ONeill sitting within a 2023 Centurion Ri230

The 2023 Centurion Ri230 is the smallest of the Ri Series boats. This 23-foot wake boat is the epitome of a fundamental and sudden shift in power. But this Centurion is not turning the tide in the battle for wake surfing boat mindshare based only on size or an extra-large price tag. The Ri230 attacks all areas of innovation simultaneously with a deeper, longer, thoughtfully refined, more aggressively styled and better performing wake surf boat. The Ri230 is Revolution innovated.

2023 Ri230 Specs
Length: 23′
Beam: 102″
Draft: 36″
Weight: 5500 lbs
Fuel CapacIty: 81 gal
Seating Capacity: 14 People
Available Ballast: 5400 lbs
STD Torque: 409 ft/lb
MAX Torque: 500 ft/lb

2023 Ri230 Ballast
Total Available Ballast Capacity: 5400 lbs

PNP Bow Ballast: 500 LBS OPT
– Bow Ballast Tank: 400 LBS STD
– PNP Rear Ballast: 1500 LBS OPT
– PNP Transom Ballast: 500 LBS OPT
– Sub-floor Pumped Ballast: 2700 LBS STD | RAMFILL2 “The Baller” OPT

Centurion helmet icon

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