Detroit, Michigan (January 15th 2020) – If you’re in the Detroit area this weekend than you’re in luck. Centurion Boats will be cruising into the Detroit Boat Show January 18th to 26th. Make sure to stop by the TCF Center to check out what’s new with the world’s best waves, wakes and ride. You can find Centurion Boats in booth #360 where local dealer Mega Power Sports & Marine will be displaying the Ri257, Ri237, Fi23, and all new Vi22.

Don’t miss an opportunity to learn about the next step in the evolution of the wake boat. Evolution is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more sophisticated form. Centurion has become the next big step in the evolution of wake boats with the foundation of this progression beginning with the 20 degrees of deadrise built into Centurion’s Opti-V Hull and a running surface specifically designed to produce the World’s best waves, wakes and ride. The Opti-V Hull was engineered to give you the deepest V in the industry, offering more water displacement for better waves and wakes. If you choose Centurion at a 2020 boat show, you will also benefit from $5000.00 off of MSRP in addition to securing an evolved wake boat that offers the perfect ride every time. Hit the link here to learn more about our boat show promotion.

Let us prove it to you, experience the evolution of the wake boat at a boat show this winter by using Centurion’s all new Augmented Reality (AR) RAMFILL App. Just point your phone camera at our sticker then up at any Fi23 or Fi25 to watch RAMFILL fill inside the boat in an augmented environment on your iPhone or iPad. Download the ‘Centurion AR’ app today from the Apple App Store then experience the evolution of the wake boat at the Detroit Boat Show next weekend and other Centurion boat shows this winter.


Detroit Boat Show Dates: January 18th to 26th


Detroit Boat Show Hours:

Saturday              January 18, 2020              11am – 8pm

Sunday                January 19, 2020              11am – 6pm

Monday               January 20, 2020              11am – 6pm

Tuesday               January 21, 2020              3pm – 9pm

Wednesday        January 22, 2020              3pm – 9pm

Thursday             January 23, 2020              3pm – 9pm

Friday                   January 24, 2020              3pm – 9pm

Saturday              January 25, 2020              11am – 8pm

Sunday                January 26, 2020              11am – 6pm


TCF Center Address: 1 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226


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