MERCED, CA (July 27, 2020) – Boaters for over a decade who have been out of the boat buying market are re-entering because of the draw of the classically styled Centurion Vi Series. Wanting to connect with these long-time boaters that would like an upgrade but were not drawn to the boats on the market, Centurion unconventionally found the solution by listening. Contradictory to the traditional design of a big water sports boat, Centurion matched these boater’s style and brought them their perfect ride every time with class.

Centurion has seen exponential demand from these veteran boaters to a new boating lifestyle in 2020. Long-time boaters that have enjoyed their tried and true family boats for years, have been intrigued by the Vi Series that delivers an upgraded experience without compromising their desired environment. Centurion’s Vi Series stand out from anything else on the market with their lower gunwales and sportier postures on the water. It’s recognized with its beautiful classic sleek towboat style with 20 degrees of deadrise the seasoned boater loves and a wave that boasts world class. Plus, these boaters are enjoying their Vi22 and Vi24 with the attractive price and low interest rates.

More about the Vi22:

The Vi22 is nicely sized and sits so comfortably above the water there is no fear in taking water aboard when encountering the world class surf waves. The hull and transom pylon of the Vi22 also make the perfect boat for any activity on the water.

Beam: 8′6″

Draft: 3′0″

Dry Weight: 5,150 lb.

Ballast: 4,600 lb.

Seat/Weight Capacity: 12/2,100 lb.

Fuel Capacity: 63 gal.

More about the Vi24:

The Vi24 offers an unmatched stable ride through rough water. Cruising down waterways, boat riders enjoy the pop-up back rests on the perimeter. The option to slide the rear seats towards the middle creates perfect positioning to watch on water action. The experience behind the Vi24 can be tuned to the rider and surfers liking with the onboard Stinger Wake Plate and Quick Surf tabs.

Beam: 8′6″

Draft: 3′0″

Dry Weight: 5,250 lb.

Ballast: 4,800 lb.

Seat/Weight Capacity: 14/2,450 lb.

Fuel Capacity: 63 gal.

Introduced in 2019, the Vi models were made for leading comfort and ultimate on water fun. The Vi Series are equipped with the Opti-V hull that shapes the dream wakes and waves many boaters covet. Contact your local Centurion dealer to get on the water and on the wave in 90 seconds with Centurion’s Ramfill ballast system.

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